Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques. Its founder Gary Craig developed it in the early 90s by simplifying the processes of Roger Callahan’s TFT (Thought Field Therapy). It is a gentle energy healing technique used to release emotional or physical problems and is also referred to as “emotional acupuncture without the needles”. According to Gary Craig, “the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption of the body’s energy system”.

EFT belongs to the new group of Energy Psychology techniques that are inspired by the principles of ancient Chinese medicine and are generically named Meridian Energy Techniques.

No, it will work whether you believe it or not. Often a person who doesn’t believe in EFT will say that the positive result is a coincidence, but that doesn’t matter.

Stating a positive when you have a problem can prevent you from addressing it. You need to acknowledge that you have a problem in order to be able to let it go.

Yes, EFT is safe and you can tap on your own at home when you need to. Children can use EFT as well. It has no side effects and can be used on every possible issue.

To quote EFT’s founder Gary Craig: “Use it on everything”. EFT doesn’t have any negative side-effects.

If you find that EFT has no effect on your problem, maybe you haven’t been addressing the real issue. Get as specific as you can with a problem, and go into each aspect separately. See what comes up for you while tapping and work on that too.

EFT is like peeling an onion. You start peeling it by working on one issue and releasing the negative emotion around it, only to get to the next skin (another aspect) you need to work on. Although it might feel negative, it is actually positive – you are working through all aspects of a problem.

If you have a problem with stating that you either love or accept yourself, or both, you can modify the statement to:

  • I’m open to the possibility that I can accept myself one day.
  • I accept that I have this problem.
  • I want to accept myself.

Very often people who want to tap alone at home believe they won’t find the right words and are not sure if they’re doing the right thing. In that case, keep your words as simple as possible. Listen to what you’re saying in your mind, for example: “I’m so nervous about this job interview that I have stomach pain”. This then can become: “Even though I’m so nervous about this job interview that I have stomach pain, I deeply and completely love and accept myself”, and then tapping on each point: “I’m so nervous…”.

You don’t need to state your problem. A skilful EFT practitioner will be able to guide you through the process without pain and the results will be just the same.

Yes and no. EFT is often referred to as a “one minute wonder” because you sometimes get very fast results. But that is not usually the case.

Yes, EFT’s effects last a lifetime but you can still be triggered emotionally by another aspect of the problem that you have not yet addressed.

How many sessions you take will depend on what you want to achieve and what you need to address. It will be different for each individual person. It is ultimately your decision how many sessions you want and how they are spaced.

You can do sessions on Skype exactly like you would come to an appointment, and it works just as well. All you need is a quiet place and a computer. You book your session and pay for your session by Paypal.

The Personal Peace Process was developed by Gary Craig and is a real spring cleaning, “getting rid of the muck” procedure. Get yourself a notebook and write down every issue that you remember, going back as far as you can in the past. One by one, everyday, work through your list following the EFT tapping procedure. You do this by giving each issue/event a specific title and noting their emotional intensity. Some events from the past might come up that you believe have no emotional impact on you at all. Write them down anyway as there is always a reason why they came up at that moment.