Testimonials EFT


Dear AM
Thank you very much for yesterday’s EFT session which completely drained me. I slept well and felt so much better today. The subject matter was very intense and I was very surprised at my reaction during the session. I hope that you have had a good day. Love, MG


I did an EFT session with Anna Maria via Skype as I was having trouble dealing with an issue at work and an important career decision. After the session I felt that my “blockages” had disappeared and I instantly felt “free” and much lighter. She knows how to use the right words to get to the heart of the problem and her gentle approach and soothing voice puts you instantly at ease. I immediately started working on the issues bothering me and the goals that I had been putting off for many months. Thank you, Annamaria.

Tatiana K.

At first I didn’t realise the connection between cause and effect because I couldn’t understand how such a simple procedure can create such powerful change.A session takes place as follows: Anna Maria asks you what you want to work on and helps you find an issue. That’s the point of departure. Then you work on other ideas that came to mind during the process. You explain what bothers you, and she translates your thoughts and helps you find your core issue. Your work is to uncover all the negative aspects of the issue and to mentally correct them. This happens by accepting yourself. Anna Maria helps you find the right words while she is tapping on the EFT points that correspond to acupuncture points on the Chinese meridians. That’s how the information is transmitted to your brain. You could believe that nothing actually happened apart from the fact that, after such a session, I was so exhausted that it took me several days to recover. That’s the proof that the body reacts to these impulses in a deeper way than can be imagined.

I now think differently. Since I’ve changed my behaviour, my situation has changed as well. I’m sure that it’s due to the hurricane that went through my body during my session.

Philippe D. (translation)