Testimonials BOWEN


Thank you SO much. I loved the Bowen technique. During the session I experienced various conflicts and issues approaching me like shadows. At first I wanted to fight and challenge them but they just dissolved and floated away. Since then I have an overwhelming sense of calm and have been sleeping really well. I have been going to sleep earlier and immediately and staying asleep until morning. The following day after the session I was really productive and not only got all that day’s work completed but many tasks I’d been sweeping under the carpet done too. I’ve also felt more energy and motivation for taking daily exercise. Today I went to my once a week workplace and was told I looked “amazing” and “different” and “really really pretty today”. I’ve been recommending Bowen to everyone.

Amanda S., 55, London

I had a wonderful Bowen session with Anna Maria. Its profundity took me completely by surprise. One minute I was lying down relaxing, the next I was having flashbacks to my infancy which were so real it was quite astonishing – they related directly to the issue that I had hoped to address while seeing Anna Maria. Am definitely a Bowen convert.

YB, 45, London

Alexandra came for treatment of her heel spur on both feet. Message she sent the day after Bowen:
« Hey miracle worker ! No pain anymore at all in my left heel, right heel no pain during the day, now just a little bit. »

Alexandra N., 43, Paris

I love Bowen! It is doing me so much good and I would not do without. I have tried many physical therapies and Bowen is the one that has helped me most.
Anna Maria has a great touch, during a session I am able to totally relax and let go, which allows me to be in the present moment and for insights and memories to come forth. I am therefore less stressed in general and life is so much easier. I am more grounded and “in my body”. I feel the benefits in my yoga session without lower back pain that I’d suffered from in the past, and more flexibility in my pelvis. It does not only work on the physical level, I feel clearer, stronger and can cope better with work pressure and with the unexpected.
I now have a monthly session at least. I am so surprised by the impact it has had on my life. I am a happier person. Bowen is like oxygen to me!

Katharina A., 50, London